What is a soulscape?

An intuitive allegorical mixed media painting of a spirit.  These are magical paintings.  They are empathetic inquiries into the truth of a person and what makes them hum, resonate, and flow.  They are hero pieces that explore a persons paths, their totems, and their powerful always triumphing love.  They are love poems from the person to their higher self.  They are aspirational pieces always reminding the subjects that they are so much more than just the sum of their parts.

They take time...they are like the slow food movement...only with camera.  The artist has to get to know the subject well before they can be achieved adequately.  These are intimate paintings, and a willingness must be present in the subject to be vulnerable, and honest,  to be genuinely seen, not just on the surface, but down to their core.

They are not for the faint of heart, but for the genuinely courageous among us.  Who feel fear but stride forth anyway, aware and accepting.  These are the subjects of Mandi Lynn's soulscapes.
What would yours look like?